Monday, August 13, 2012

Why I'm AWESOME at being average....

Hmmm.... Average and Awesome together?  How does that work?

Well, the way I see it anything has the potential of being awesome.   It's not just for sunsets, fireworks and the tire track marks that 12 year old boys leave when doing a "burn-out" on their bikes.  If you been camping I bet you've seen an awesome rock or leaf or other item that made you say-- That's Awesome!

I figure the shear number of things that are in my life that are average makes it AWESOME--

So what about me is average you ask?  Well, nothing I would politely respond-- because I am AWESOME.
However, if you must know I am average height, with average size feet, I make an average income, I live in an average size town where we make a median (another word for average) income, I have your average car, my child goes to an average school, we have your average family, we eat average meals, we we go out we go to your average places.  If it's average, I can probably relate and I'm okay with that... you know why?

I'm okay with it because I know how to make it all AWESOME.  If you'd like to know, stayed tuned...

I'd love to share it with you.... In your average blog...about my life, family, work and anything else I do.

Please share your stories in return.  That is my absolute favorite part--hearing your stories too.


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